Strawberry and Mint detox water

Strawberry and Mint detox water

With the weather being so humid this time of year (March, April) there’s no better time to get into regularly hydrating yourself. It is recommended to drink 8 glasses of water a day which can be difficult for some but with this detox water it doesn’t have to be.
You get to enjoy Strawberries while keeping yourself hydrated not to mention the many vitamins and antioxidants its packed full of. It’s a win win! All you need is a big pitcher, some strawberries and some mint and you’re set for the day!


1. Wash strawberries in a vinegar-water bath (1/2 Cup White Vinegar plus 3 Cups Water).
2. Rinse again in cold water to get rid of all the vinegar.
3. Pat dry with paper towel and remove the stems.
4. Halve each strawberry and place in pitcher
5. Add some water and throw in some mint leaves.
6. How much or how little you add depends on how strong you want the taste.
7. Keep pitcher in the fridge and enjoy throughout the day

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