Pesto Pasta


I had this very odd craving for Pesto Pasta and i just took it that it was because i recently had a yummy bowl at a restaurant that weekend, so in my usual fashion, i decided to make it at home. I went to the store and got some Pesto Sauce in a jar, got home and whipped it up with some Pasta and i honestly hated the taste and it had so much oil in it, the green was so dull and weird,i couldn’t even take a picture, it was just a complete waste.

I decided not to go down without a fight and i thought of what to do to make Pesto to my taste. I had some leftover Efirin (Scent leaf) that i had used for Peppersoup, so i thought to myself what if i make Pesto from Efirin? Then i continued to develop the idea and that’s how this amazing recipe came to life and i just had to share with you all.

This homemade Pesto exceeded my imagination in every possible way, I mixed the Efirin with Spinach so that the taste wasn’t overwhelming, added Cashew Nuts instead of Pine Nuts, some cooking cream and the result was this rich, flavorful Pesto that went down well with some Penne Pasta and Chicken pieces.

I love when i use a different twist in recipes and it comes out amazing and i get to share with you. Try this hearty and delicious bowl of Pesto Pasta and let me know if you are “Team Store-bought Pesto” or “team homemade Pesto” Lol.



2 Cups Spinach
1/3 Cup Efirin (Scent Leaves)
2 Cloves Garlic
1/4 Cup Cashew Nuts
2 Tbsps Lemon Juice
4 Tbsps Oil
1/4 Tsp Salt


1 Cup Penne Pasta
1/4 Tsp Salt


Pesto Pasta
2 Tbsps Oil
300g Chicken Strips
1 Tbsp Bouillon Powder
4 Tbsps Pesto
1 Cup Cooking Cream
1 Tbsp Black Pepper




  1. In a food processor combine spinach, scent leaves, garlic, lemon juice, cashew nuts, oil and salt, blend until it forms some kind of a puree then set aside.



  1. In a pot, boil some water enough to cook the pasta, when it has boiled add in raw pasta and some salt and then allow to cook.
  2. When its soft (make sure it isn’t too soft to avoid sogginess), sieve the remaining water from the pasta and rinse out all the starch from it to avoid it getting gummy.


Pesto Pasta

  1. In a pot, add in some oil, when it heats up, add in the chicken strips, allow to fry till its no longer pink and well done.
  2. When chicken is done, add in Bouillon powder and Pesto sauce, allow to fry for a minute.
  3. Add in cooking cream, then stir in cooked pasta, when the pasta is completely covered in the sauce, crack in some black pepper, stir and allow to cook for 2 minutes.
  4. Serve and Enjoy.


Prep Time: 20 minutes
Cook Time: 30 minutes

Total Time: 50 minutes

Serves: 2