Pap (Ogi) & Akara


Ramadan Kareem my Muslim friends. Here is a Sahur inspiration for you all. The Akara can be made ahead and warmed in the oven at 180 degrees for 12 minutes in the morning. You can also pan fry the batter to make Akara Pancakes and cut out the excess oil. The pap can be made whenever you are ready.



1 Cup Beans(Peeled)
2 Medium Scotch Bonnets
1 Large Onion
1.5 Ltrs Cooking Oil (For Frying)
2 Seasoning Cubes
1 Tsp Salt

Pap (Ogi)

1 Cup Pap (Dissolved – thick consistency)
2.5 Cups Water

1. Pour your peeled beans in a blender.
2. Add some Scotch Bonnet and Onions to the beans then blend till you have a smooth batter.
3. Pour the batter into a bowl and add some onions and pepper.
4. Add all seasoning.
5. Taste batter and adjust seasoning accordingly.
6. Pour oil in a fry pan and allow to heat up.
7. When the oil is very hot scoop the batter in the oil one at a time.
8. Take the balls out when they are done.
9. Continue scooping the batter to fry till it is finished.
10. Then your Akara is ready to be served with Pap.

1. Pour water in a pot.
2. Leave to boil.
3. Mix some Pap in cold water till its a bit watery and smooth.
4. Pour the Pap mix into the boiling water.
5. Stir till the Pap thickens a bit with a smooth finish.
6. Your Pap is ready to be served. You can take your Pap with milk and sugar or any sweetener or cream of your choice.




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